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    Posted on March 17, 2013 by DinkyCartridges

    Inkjet ink cartridges

    When you’re choosing consumables, it’s important to remember that quality counts and here at Impact-Computers we’re in the business of making sure that our valued customers get the quality they truly deserve with uninterrupted regularity. In both the domestic and business environment we expect a faultless level of performance from our printing devices and irrespective of the brand you have, the quality of the reproduction usually comes down to the aforementioned consumables you install in them. Cost is a major consideration where consumables are concerned and for the home or office environment, our special offer ink cartridges are guaranteed to catch the eye. As a company we believe that choice is of the upmost importance and regardless of whether you’re looking for colours for the printing device, laser toners, photo paper, or even blank DVD-Rs, it’s a fair bet that we’ll have your preferences in stock for immediate despatch. Our prices speak for themselves and rest assured, the quality of our full range is equally as attractive! We urge you not to fall into the trap of purchasing inferior consumables, your printing device deserves the best and we’re here to ensure that your hardware delivers an unrivalled level of performance.

    Every conceivable office consumable

    In this computer dominated age we expect our laptops and PCs to deliver a blue chip performance and it’s no different where printing devices are concerned! It’s often the case that when you initially buy the device it will come already preinstalled with colour to get you up and running, but problems often manifest themselves when the time comes to replace the original colours! It’s no secret that many consumers find replacing colour an expensive undertaking and with this in mind Impact-Computers have put together a price busting range which is sure to appeal to home users and commercial customers alike. When you shop with us you’ll see before you a range of remanufactured, compatible and genuine ink printer cartridges that focuses on affordability, usability and quality in equal measure. We’re well aware of the fact that many consumers are left confused by the mindboggling choices and issues that present themselves, when it comes to replacing consumables and this is where our internet support could well prove itself to be particularly useful. Maybe you’re having installation issues or maybe you’re just looking for general troubleshooting advice, whatever you’re looking for in the world of consumables, we’re here to help.

    The genuine article and remanufactured options

    Consumers are always going to have a different set of criterion and this is why we aim to offer a full range of options which are designed to appeal to everyone. When it comes to consumables, some customers will only be satisfied with genuine products for their devices and owners of brands like Brother, Canon, Dell and Lexmark are sure to be impressed by the huge selection of genuine consumables which we have available. And as you’d expect from a price conscious outfit, affordability is the name of the game. And whilst there’s no denying the quality of genuine products, our comprehensive range of remanufactured consumables receive rave reviews for the reliability and cost effectiveness which they offer. The likes of Inkrite ink cartridges are ideal for Canon IP1200, IP1300, IP1600 and IP1700 models and regardless of whether you’re looking for straightforward black, or cyan, magenta, or yellow, consumers are sure to be dazzled. The name of Impact-Computers is synonymous with quality, customer service and reliability and our ultimate aim is to make sure that everyone who uses us has a sense that their order has been treated with the upmost reverence, which of course it will have been!

    Ink printer cartridges

    If you’re a fan of digital photography and you want printed copies to do justice to your photographic talents, the first thing you need to do is make sure the colours that you install in the printing device are up to the task at hand! Regardless of whether you go down the genuine, compatible, or remanufactured route, the consumables we offer for sale are guaranteed to deliver a vibrancy of colour and clarity which can best be described as awesome. And make no mistake, the products that consumers purchase from ourselves will work faultlessly for the duration of their life and not just five minutes, which is the case with some consumables on the market! Why not take a look at what our competitors have to offer and compare ink cartridges; we’re confident you’ll find our pricing structure more than favourable. Throughout our range, from multi packs to single colours, price is always a major consideration and in no uncertain terms, our ultimate aim is to make sure our range of office consumables is keenly priced. If you’re looking for a supplier who’s as impressive as the latest range of Canon consumables, you need look no further.

    Keeping the home and office fully supplied

    Anyone that visits our website will notice that the range of consumables we offer is simply immense and what’s even more impressive is the fact that we endeavour to keep each and every item in stock at all times! Offices need to be able to rely on their supplier to come up with the goods at short notice and as a company we’re immensely proud of the fact that we have a reputation for being one of the most reliable outfits in the office consumables business. We understand just how important your printing devices are and if you’re in search of quality refillable ink cartridges online, we truly feel we are the home of genuine, compatible and remanufactured consumables perfection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re printing documents in plain black, or you’re making copies of your holiday snaps, the consumables we offer will deliver perfect results each and every time. Names like HP are renowned for delivering outstanding quality and precision and anyone who invests in our HP twin packs will no doubt be hugely impressed with their purchase. Anyone can make promises, but here at Impact-Computers we’re proud of the fact that we deliver on our promises, without fail!

    Buying quality consumables with confidence

    It’s all well and good a company boasting that they offer a huge range of products, but how does the consumer know that they’ll be able to offer a gilt edged level of service in all departments? The simple answer is, they don’t and this is why it’s imperative that consumers make all of their consumable purchases with reputable retailers like ourselves! Our super smooth and easy to use website gives a hint as to what customers can expect when they shop with us, perfection in every department! Once a customer has decided which compatible, genuine, or remanufactured consumable best suits their needs, ordering couldn’t be easier. Backed by the excellent SAGE PAY system, internet payments can be made with confidence and all that’s left for the customer to do is sit back and wait for those inkjet ink cartridges to arrive on their doorstep. Our delivery charges are exceptionally reasonable and perhaps even more importantly, we consider speed to be of the essence. For anyone who is looking for a consumables resource that offers a combination of quality products and unrivalled levels of customer service, we’re of the firm belief that we’re incredibly hard to match, in every department!

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  • DinkyCartridges is open for business!

    Posted on October 1, 2012 by DinkyCartridges

    Welcome to the very first installment of the DinkyCartridges blog, As one of the leading online suppliers of compatible ink cartridges and laser toners we have a unique insight into the world of personal and business printers and printing. Our blog is the perfect source of relevant and detailed information with a diverse range of articles and guides to help with all aspects of your printing needs.

    The DinkCartridges Website

    Our new website is designed for one thing, helping you to locate the correct ink cartridges or toners for your printer and so making your shopping experience as quick and efficent as possible without the risk of getting the wrong product. So we hope you love the user-friendly and professional feel of our new site, just select your printer, then series, and lastly the model of your printer from the homepage of the website and our system will display a list of compatible cartridges from our estensive database, Its that easy!

    Who are DinkyCartridges?

    DinkyCartridges.co.uk is a division of Impact Computers Ltd dedicate to the sale and distorbution of inkjet and laser printer consumables. So why the new name? well, it was decided that to provide the best possible service to our customers it would be a good idea to create a dedicated team with knowledge of the printing industry along with a shiny new all singing and dancing website designed for the sole purpose of finding the correct ink cartridge or laser toner for the correct printer with ease and speed, And so DinkyCartridges was born.

    DinkyCartridges - The Best Ink, At the Best Price!

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